Dryer Vent Cleaning And Washing Machine Hose Replacement

How long something lasts often depends on how well you care for it. You service your car regularly, remember when it is time to do home maintenance but the laundry equipment is often forgotten so long as it still works. Your washer and dryer are vital equipment for maintaining day to day living and represent a sizable investment. Regular maintenance activities such as dryer vent cleaning, replacing worn hoses and drain pipes can go a long way towards extending the active life of your machines.

Laundry Machine Care and Maintenance Tips:

  • Check regularly for worn hoses and leaks
  • Tighten hose fittings to prevent leaks
  • Replace old rubber hoses with stainless steel braided hoses
  • Wash lint trap monthly to remove chemical residue
  • Clean dryer vent yearly
  • Don’t overload your machines


Dryer Vent Cleaning

Avoiding lint build up in dryer vents and lint filters is one of the best ways you can protect your home from fire. The Consumer Product Safety Commission reports that over 15,000 dryer fires each year. Regular dryer vent cleaning could have prevented the majority of them. You should inspect vents and hoses for blockages every six months and clean the vent yearly. This is especially important if your dryer vents up through the attic and out because the moist warm air can condense and let lint stick to the sides of the vent hose. Keep your home safe from fire; clean lint filters every time you dry and clean the vent regularly.


Changing or Replacing Washer Hoses

A small leak in the laundry can quickly become a big headache for home owners. The rubber hoses that so often come with washing machines don’t stand up well to the wear and tear from regular wash cycles and often become less flexible with time.

When deciding how often to change washer hoses it helps to understand the stresses placed on them by everyday use. Every time your washer shuts off the water it sends a shock through the pipes and hoses that over time will cause them to leak. It is recommended that you change washing machine hoses every three to five years to avoid leaks and water damage to your home.

Take good care of your home with regular dryer vent cleaning and knowing how often to change washer hoses. Call Absolute Air Conditioning & Heating to learn how making dryer vent cleaning part of a yearly duct work cleaning protects your family from indoor air pollution and germs.